Who we Are?

Our story

In year 2015, the visionary Mr. Milan & Mr. Brijesh started export business which registered as “Baldha Export”. After so many ups and downs Baldha Export got its first breakthrough while visiting Gulf. Then company started its operation with agriculture products to support farmers. Company started dealings in Guar Gum, Dehydrated Garlic & onion, mangoes, bananas, groundnuts and whatnot.

Later, the business launched a new vertical in 2017 under the name Limpio Chem LLP, which is currently the parent company of Baldha Export. Moving one step further, the company expanded its line of goods to include commodities like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, machinery, kitchenware, building supplies, and textiles, among others. In contrast, the company also began offering EXIM services and consulting to companies who want to export their goods. Further Limpio Chem LLP associated with India’s top 15 FMCG brands and started supplying FMCG products to overseas super markets.

As of 2020, Limpio Chem LLP has already been manufacturing spices, pulses, and dry fruits under the name “Limpio Aahar.” The company is currently attempting to establish new export services, expand its product offering, and raise the bar for customer service.

Our Glance

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Core values


“Doing right even when nobody is watching you” is what we follow.


Quality is not just a word to us, it’s our commitment.


We follow set of behaviour, code of conduct which is just not on paper, it reflects while you work with us.


Excellence is being able to perform on customer’s expectation over and over again. By luck you can have one happy customer but being able to do it consistently is excellence.


Like piece of jigsaw puzzle every team member is integral part of the company. We believe that as team we can achieve whatever we can imagine.


As company we are not just responsible of what we do we are answerable to all our action.

Our Mission

Provide integrated trade solutions to international business to ensure sustainable profits and empowering aspiring importer & exporter by providing EXIM consultancy.

Our Vision

To be a leading and reliable international Global EXIM company providing sustainable value to our associate.